July 07, 2009

apa yeh?

Hello there everyone! (I saw some people putting y’all in their post, but somehow, that just doesn’t suit my personality so I opted against jumping on the bandwagon). Anyways, how is everyone?

Me? I’m okay, but not fine as in fine. Coming down with red flag of the month, bingeing on a myriad of sweet things at an alarming pace and with beastly appetite, not taking my usual dosage of warm water, incessant crying, bulging eyebags, deepening creases in the forehead, emotional like a senseless idiot, skin problems, just to name a few, I’m so surprised I’m still standing.

I’ve been receiving much too much information of late.

For one, I was told that I was not allowed to go to a conference at KLCC yesterday, which beats the hell out of me, since it was FOC anyways. But it dawned on me yesterday that there was a reason for it, so I guess that’s alright.

At the meeting yesterday, I was nominated as a representative for the “publicity and publication” committee or something to that effect. I don’t know how much info has leaked about my infamous blogging/writing crap/talking crap habits, and I have yet written any impressive opinions to date, so that beats me as well.

*siapa pecah rahsia saya ni Ayu??*

And then, we were told that there’s a possibility of us (by that I mean the Contract Officers) having to evacuate our rooms, since we have to earn the rooms we are placed in. With all humility, I agree that we all have to earn what we get. But save us some grace will you. I don’t know why you give us rooms and then take them back. It would have been a lot less tedious if they just made up their minds from the beginning right? I don’t know about you but it beats me.

And now, I forgot why I wrote this post in the beginning. Oh, did I tell you I’m hungry? Have yet tried the new café downstairs, so I might just today.

Until I remember what I was going to say, good day!

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