July 09, 2009

The principles of condonation

Condonation should be an English word, but my guess is that it isn’t since it’s got a bright, red line zigzagging under it.

Condonation comes from the root word condone.

Condone, among other things means to allow, accept and disregard, overlook, to forgive an act or imply forgiveness or to give tacit approval of something.

Sometimes, I wonder why some people wonder so much why some things happen. Because sometimes, I think it's very obvious that they were the ones who allowed the way the course of events took place. You allow it to happen yet you wonder why it happens? So to me, the joke is on them.

I condone alot of things too. Sometimes, I don't know why I do, or why I allow it, but there are times when I don't have much of a choice to begin with. And when that happens, it sucks, yet it's something which cannot be helped.

But if I condone this feeling to prolong, I guess the joke is on me and me alone.

As for the real principles of condonation under the law, look it up yourself.

I feel so bloody damn shitty.

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