July 13, 2009

8-week habit.

Ever since I was a student, there are things which I don’t mind spending more money on.

3 things as I recall: food, books and hair care and treatment.

I don’t really have gorgeous healthy, wavy hair, as much as I’d like to have it (bersyukur ada rambut sudah), but I try to get it trimmed and treated every once in a while because that, to me is better therapy than retail.

I get someone to massage my back, my head, talk to me (and talk me into doing expensive treatments), and of course, I get to feel a lot prettier about myself, although what other people want to think about me is not really any of my business ;p

When I go to shops like Thomas and Guys, Snips, Top Knots and the likes of it, I tend to ask for junior stylists.

This is not only because I have some budget constraint, but also because I happen to think that junior stylists give us better service, hands down, as compared to their seniors.

They are so ever willing to please. They educate us on the products they use. They educate us on each and every thing they are doing to our head. And also, you can tell them to do anything. Picit kuat-kuat kat kepala atau garu kat tempat gatal because they will do it.

Plus, they allow (fickle-minded) people like yours truly to change her mind like 50 thousand times before I am satisfied with the kind of hairdo I want, even if it doesn’t make much difference from the current hair I already own.

And the best thing is perhaps they don’t force us when they are promoting something and they ask a lot of questions about us and basically makes us feel quite special, even if just for 2 hours.

I say this because we’ve had a senior stylist work on Fah’s (my cousin) head before. No doubt that the senior stylist expertly chopped her hair off in just minutes. Plus, she chopped it off like exactly the way Fah wanted her hair to be done.

But the senior stylist didn’t listen to Fah when she said the massage was hurting her, plus she didn’t say a word to Fah. All we know is that… she did her superb job in silence. If you don’t like people talking to you and you want your head to be done pronto, this might suit you.

But to me, if you’re going to splash like RM 100 or so, make sure they do it right, even if they take all the time in the world.

After all, we all go there for therapy of some sort, so… make that therapy worth it.

I have stopped going to other salons because I developed some scalp condition after a while of hop-hopping from one salon to another. So, I maintained going to Snips at The Curve. They use products which are suitable for Asian hair, plus their hair treatment lasts for about 6 weeks! Splendid!

I ask for Koren each time I go there because he’s a nice boy who does wonders with my head plus giving me tips here and there where he can. And he’s obviously very willing to please, which pleases me and gives me a good ending to my bad hair days, especially if I decide to go on weekdays.

Another shop I recommend is in Seksyen 2 Shah Alam. Though I can’t recall the name right now. That one’s quite a maestro, he is.

Pengajaran hari ini ialah: mintalah untuk Junior Stylist. Walaupun saya tahu harga kadang-kadang beza RM 10 sahaja. Mereka sangat best.

Dan jika anda dah kenal, baru boleh minta Koren. Beliau saya punya ;p. Jangan tipu kerana beliau kenal customer ;p

Lagi satu, bawa teman yang suka ambil gambar supaya journey 2 jam anda akan direkod dengan baik sekali ;p


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