July 22, 2009

out of her head she sang...

Okay, I am now officially bored and going out of my mind. I actually finished my work at 10 a.m. and got it approved and submitted already. So, after some grueling hours of going through articles, I am in dire need of this rest. I cannot tahan reading on online gambling already! Anyway, any of you are experts on gambling and gaming out there? Care to help me? This area is totally new to me and I’m quite stuck. Hey, saya tak joking ni, serious.

Well, anyway… Wednesday is drawing to its close. I am happy and sad at the same time.

Happy because tomorrow morning ‘til Sunday evening, I will be away at Hotel Istana for a Course. I love going to courses, really. Not only do I get to get away from the office, I also get to learn new things. And please don’t call me poyo or anything. I am schematic like that, please and thank you. I simply love programmes like these.

Sad? I’m sad because there will be 2 weddings on Saturday which I am supposed to attend; one in Shah Alam and the other in Kuala Pilah, which I (now) cannot go to due to the course I have to attend. I’m not sure how I can get away for only a little while from the programme, and I dare not ask, considering my position in the office. I wouldn’t want to push my luck too far… so there goes…

Lama-lama bila aku decide to get married, orang dah tak nak datang dah agaknya kan? Dah asyik aku ponteng pergi wedding mereka. Tah tah masa tu semua sarat dan dah beranak pinak agaknya. Haha.

There’s something bothering me a lot at the moment. Like the fact that my boss told me that my leave might be cancelled due to the law we are planning to bring to the Parliament during the December sitting. I don’t know how my leave can be cancelled since I have yet applied for any leave. InsyaAllah, I will be leaving on the 19th of December. I am willing to do anything before that, even cut my cuti raya short. I have made that clear yesterday. And I think I'm going to apply for leave soon, just so she can put my leave as ransom. Saya sanggup kerja keras setiap hari asalkan dapat cuti hujung tahun.

Hmph. Tak tahu nak cakap apa in the first place. This blog is becoming less and less educational because I find that newspapers don’t appeal much to me anymore. What do I do now? Anyone with any interesting reads which I can access to?


chibi said...

i am addicted to this game in FB, mousehunt, din terel main barn buddy =)

suke pergi kursus? i like it but during weekdays je la hahaha.. will miss ya this sat =(

freespirited12 said...

hahahah. itu gaming yang innocent la sayang oiiii.!

ni gaming yang macam dapat duit sumer tu :)

i loved this kursus! even though my weekend was sacrificed... sigh