August 23, 2013

best laid plans.

20 days after and I'm still adjusting.

Though I'm here on promotion, it doesn't really feel like so. Not because of the surrounding circumstances or because of the things I've had to give up, but more because there's just so many things to learn.

Walaupun sebelum ini sedar tinggi langit, rendah bumi, kini, lebih sedar. That's for sure. 

And I know it's weird that I feel a lil' melancholic about leaving everything I had, but at the same time, I do believe my leaving my comfort zone was possibly the best thing done at the best possible time. Allah is indeed the best of planners.

And now, I think the ball's in my court to make the best out of those best laid plans.

I most definitely don't plan to fail.

Just so you don't forget me (and my BIRTHDAY!) They somehow got it WRONG (despite the 2 IC copies I submitted) so I've sent it back. Hehe.


Raieza Hanim R said...

senyum tu, Luqman copy paste habis betul! :D

Haneesa said...

hehehe muman kan anak mama dia ;) ;)