September 30, 2009

kisah kentut

Do you have an ionizer at home? I do.

That’s because I’m Little Miss Sneezy and my mom can’t take it when I sneeze more than the average person does hence the ionizer to make my air a little bit healthier.

The ionizer basically tells us the quality of air in our environment. Since the ventilation in my room is now better, it’s almost all the time green. Just like the picture here.

But have you ever wondered what fart contains? From its smell, my guess is that it’s sulfuric. Okay, maybe I’ve even learnt this during some biology class, but even then, the smell has already given away its content even before I guessed that.

Have you ever farted in public before? Well, if you consider family as public, my answer would be... 'Yes'.

But my guess is that many of us are not exactly fond of relieving our air so openly.

Anyway, back to the quality of air in my room. The air quality my room is almost all the time green… until of course… I decide to release some air.

Do you have any idea what the Air Pollution Index is when fart is present? I don’t. All I know is that… once fart is present, the air quality turns to red! It’s that dirty. Urgh.

And it would take some time to clear... until it becomes this colour...

to this colour again.

I would obviously like to educate everyone more on farting, but... Wikipedia is taking its own sweet farting time and so is Google. Let's look it up and learn a lesson. Don't fart in public. IT COULD BE DANGEROUS ;P

Oh, I found a link *here* . It's actually flatulus. And not completely sulfuric.


farah said...

so dlm pics ni u la d culprit? hahahaha

i want one!! mesti pricey kan ??

after this takleh la senyap kentut in ur room dh, hahaha =)

freespirited12 said...

ermmm.. takkan abdul kot culprit dia? so, i ke? *i dunno* hehehehhehe ;p

i tak ingat berapa cosmy mom yang belikan but i think it does cost quite alot lah.

yes! yes! perangkap buat kawan-kawan after this! jaga-jaga sapa nak kentut dalam bilik haku.


tasha said...

ahahaha this ionizer bole buat orang kantoi laa

freespirited12 said...

oh, yes. mmg kantoi if anyone comes over to my place and starts to kentut senyap-senyap. then i will know sapa yang let air out. ahahhaha

yayahafiza said...

hahaha... this is so funny kakak.... i started laughing alone in front of my pc.... i'm sure my colleagues wonder y do i behave in that manner :P

freespirited12 said...

ahaha. tell them: mind your farting business.

hati-hati apabila kentut.

pasti bahaya ;p