September 30, 2009

randomly speaking...

These past few days have been exhausting. I’m not sure whether it is caused by the fact that I have began fasting again (yes, I am trying very hard to perform puasa 6) or maybe, it’s time for me to take a few days off from work.

I’m seriously burnt out.

Good thing I received an interesting albeit challenging assignment yesterday. I’m still working on it. If not for the assignment, I would probably be asleep, or be doing crossword puzzles or... better still, finishing that book of mine which is calling me every 5 seconds! Which isn’t really a bad thing, just unethical?

Anyway, being a maidless society isn’t so bad after all though it can be very exhausting if your mom’s a working mom and you’re working as well and you’re in charge of putting food on the table.

Yesterday’s meal was perhaps one of the best ones despite the fact that onions for fried rice were flying across the floor (we were hungry and clumsy) and despite the fact that Mama’s tomyum wasn’t masam enough until we had to eat it with Hot Peri-peri sauce. It was sedap yo! Seriously a match made in heaven.

Today is eating out night. Where else if not Jasema.

Abang, baca blog Akak lagi tak? Nanti hantar gambar pakai Baju Melayu please?

Why is December so far away from today? Do you know that I look forward to December everyday?

Anyway, 12th October is so close.

Random? Uh huh.


tasha said...

i look forward to december everyday too! but for now, i am anticipating deepavali hols like crazy!

just 4 days after school reopens, i don't even have time to breathe. bleerrgghh~!

freespirited12 said...

i know. but work is work is work. have to work no matter how we don't want to work.

it must be worst for you because i don't think teachers can simply take days off right?

i must be thankful thankful.

but i'm so tired!

tasha said...

oh yesss. unlike other govt servants, teachers are so difficult to apply for holidays.

sort of like, one day off will jeopardize their future. and nanti kita mcm hutang masa students. and i don't like that. huhu

freespirited12 said...

never mind. sabar k. end year you can take 2 months off terus, wah! heavenly.

and going to aussie some more right?

so, all the more reason to semangat kasi ilmu to kids.

we need teachers like you! :)