September 05, 2009


I am at my Mak Ngah's house. This is the second week that we are holding Iftaar sessions together. Last year wasn't this often. But since Atuk is here, we decided to hold it more frequestly since he loves these kinds of get togethers. Even if he doesn't do or say much. Hee.

Yaa is playing doctor at the moment. Okay, maybe not really playing since she is studying to become a doctor. It's really funny. I didn't volunteer myself because then she would be able to see things I don't necessarily want anyone to see. Especially not by a doctor related to me. Huhu. But Nins is having one hell of a time becoming her subject. We are checking pulses and heartbeats and reflexes. The Doctor said that I have slow reflex. Hahaha. Okay, I believe you Yaa. Heee.

Adik is home for the whole weekend! I cannot express how happy I am. So we went out to The Curve and OU today just to pass time by and to run errands of course. Everything is on sale. I bought a shoe which I have been eyeing for so long. I saw it at Alamanda and also The Curve and have been hoping that it would be put on sale but to no avail. So I just grabbed it because I cannot tahan already. Heee.

Okay lah. Wanta hear the Doctor give us health classes. Macam best :)

My Theodore went dead on me, so pictures would have to wait until I get back home.

I'm having super fun!

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