September 28, 2009

young man!

Today’s my old man’s big day!

He doesn’t mind being called old because he says so himself. Hehe. Yesterday, we gave him 4 lunch options and he chose none of the ones we suggested because he wanted fish and chips instead. Haha. I’m so glad I introduced Delicious to him, now he likes going there all the time!

Since Mama is on “the biggest loser” contest with her siblings, she didn’t order anything apart from the mango cheesecake which was SO RICH I swear I could puke if I took more than I took. Or maybe, I’m just not a fan of anything baked with fruit? Yeap, I think so.

Adik had the Seriously Delicious Burger and I had Sirloin Steak Sandwich. I thought that the sandwich was just so-so. The burger wins hands down!

Anyways, we all had a great afternoon yesterday. Of course, it would have been better if Abang were around. They were remarking on how we should really take you there when you get back... 2 years from now? Errr?

Okay, let’s pray that end of this year is ON! Then you can bring us to your hangout spots okay :)


( Babah says thank you for the card from all of us (yang saya kasi hehe) )

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