September 25, 2009

lest you forget.

Today, let’s talk about piety; of being pious and of piousness.

I always believe that when someone tells us off, or gives us a word of advice, the last thing we should consider is the person giving such advice. It’s always the advice that we should look at, instead of the person. Of course, this is easier said than done, but once done, it’d be alot easier to accept when given. I have yet reached that stage, but I am trying.

Although it is important for the advised person to have an open heart and mind when given advice, it is also important for the person advising to understand the background and sensitivities of the person being advised. Put it simply, the advisor must also have some tact.

Alot of people nowadays assume alot of things about people they don’t know.

The simplest would be: orang tak pakai tudung itu semuanya jahat.

I am positive that somewhere in the course of my blogging life, I have written about this before. But that doesn’t stop me from writing more about it. Because sometimes, it’s good to remind each other of how looks can truly be deceiving, lest we forget.

I know that wearing a hijab is wajib. My conscience tells me so. My brother tells me so. My parents tell me so. My boyfriend tells me so. Yet, I have not yet worn it. Not because I don’t want to, no, but because I know that I am not ready. Everyday, I pray that the time will come when I will be and if you keep praying for me too, insyaAllah, the good will come.

Most of my family wears the hijab. When wearing chiffon baju kurungs, they make it a point to wear a proper inner. But they have not forced their daughters to do the same (to wear the hijab), not because they don’t want their daughters to wear it, but simply because they know there is no point in forcing the other to do something when the other is not ready to do it herself. This, I am very positive about. Plus, although I don’t wear a hijab, my family presses on the point that I dress appropriately, even when at home. You would know if you have met my father before.

Believe it or not, we don’t even wear shorts in front of my brother and dad.

Sometimes, people forget that the most important things like piety and piousness does not come from without. It comes from within. I have met numerous types of people and they wear the hijab. But, if you could just hear what comes out of their mouths, you’d cringe! They make ladies blush because of their harsh language.

I don’t see the point of wearing the hijab if you cannot control what comes out of your mouth. I don’t see the point of covering your head when you boobs are so obviously flooding out of your top. I don’t see the point of wearing a hijab if your butt crack is so visible and you seem so proud of it. Even worse, I don’t see the point of wearing the hijab if you so obviously don’t respect your elders and everyone else around you hates your guts. And mostly, I don’t see the point of wearing a hijab if you don’t perform prayers at all.

No doubt, I have no knowledge if my prayers have been accepted. I pray long and hard that they are. I remember Allah in every circumstance possible and pray that He does not abandon me. And that’s why I now feel so much calmer. Because I know that keredhaan Allah itu bukan hanya terletak pada luaran kita sahaja. Plus, my dad once told me that Allah will spend time on those who spend time on Him. And I believe my dad because it is a tested and proven fact.
What is important is that we learn to control ourselves, perform our prayers and make sure that we don’t do khianat and aniaya towards other people. At least our wrongdoings with Allah can be erased by taubat. Our sins with people can only be erased if they forgive us.

I think that people forget what comes from within is more important that what we portray.

I admit that some people bring unfavourable comments onto themselves and sometimes, they deserve it. Because they not only bring such bad reputation towards themselves, they don’t observe and maintain a good relationship with their Creator as well.

But the point is, people like to generalise and it is unhealthy.

Let’s keep on praying that people will not look at me with an evil eye just because I have failed to put a hijab on. Let’s hope that I someday will put it on for my own good. Let’s hope that those whom have followed the dark side come back to the real and right path.

Let’s hope that people don’t forget how deceiving looks can be. Because they are.


Abduls said...

looking at you with the devil's eyes!

freespirited12 said...

ala, abduls nanti kite pakai k? :)