September 24, 2009

Raya in so many words...

Surprise, surprise I’m back in the office already!

I have absolutely no mood to do any work. Maybe it’s just one of those things I need to take a break from just because I don’t look forward to it anymore when I wake up in the mornings.

Or maybe, I am just still high on Raya spirit.

Either way, Raya was superb in every way possible.

Though I can’t put together in so many words how fulfilling this year’s Raya was, I’d have to say that I finally understand why it’s deemed a day to celebrate a victory of some sort. This year’s Raya was a victorious celebration indeed. But I cannot tell you why. Because even I don’t know why. It just is, that's why.

We’ve never really been the teary type of family and that doesn’t apply to my little family alone. Perhaps because we have such a strong bond and very seldom have major fights with each other, Raya has always been joyous.

This year was no exception. Though majorly for me, it wasn’t only about the kuih, lemang, rendang, kuah kacang and the whole package anymore (but still important nonetheless). This year’s Raya, we laughed, made fun of each other, helped each other out, hugged, snuggled and told ghost stories (which I escaped from), took rides in crazy traffic jams, queued ridiculously long queues to get food, snacked in bed and felt closer to each other than ever before.

Though this is the 2nd year without my brother with us, we have learnt to live with it. InsyaAllah, we will get to take a family portrait end of this year.

Selamat Hari Raya to the lot of you out there!

I am sorry if I have said or written anything to hurt your feelings. I am sorry if I have used language which was inappropriate. Have a great time this Raya.

Let’s reflect and see if we’ve done enough to become better.

I am looking forward to the next Ramadan (already).

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