September 09, 2009

An offer I could not resist

I’ve given up telling the girls to come over to my side. Hee. I know now that they feel like The Curve and OU is as far as KLCC seems to me. After (not) much consideration (I didn’t need to consider anything, these are my sisters hey, hey) and since the majority of the girls are either working or staying there, I decided to hitch a ride with Ms. Aleng Double E after work for a berbuka and catching up session with them.

Boy, am I glad I went or what?!

They have been “spamming” my email for days on end now, trying hard to decide where oh where to eat. Good thing Aleng and I are on this side (Putrajaya), so we don’t get (and were not expected) to decide. All we know is that we want to eat. So, lucky us, yeay!

Finally, they decided on the buffet at The Apartment. Thanks to the birthday girl, 15 seats were booked and thanks to the organisers, 11 people came! I’m so proud of us! Heee!

The Apartment does not boast an array of 300 dishes like JW Marriot and some other hotels. But, I’d have to say that the buffet is the most value for money one I’ve been to so far. Simply because they served simple food like pilaf rice, daging dendeng, roast leg of lamb , seafood pasta, potato gratin, baked cod with cheese sauce and even bubur jagung, some of which are local favourites, which they knew people loved. Slurp, slurp! Are you salivating now?

(Haha, I only managed to snap my first round. After that, I was busy concentrating eating)

We had rounds and rounds of food, even after we called for the bill. Hahaaha. And of course, we had fun catching up with each other; where we were and what we were doing and who’s getting married and when, and when is my turn, again? The lot of them “amined” K.Chik’s doa last night that mine would be next year.

“there isn’t a single veil between us and Allah during iftaar and the prayers of fasting people are answered"

So what say you? Ameen. Jika ada rezeki

I had to leave early last night and I felt a bit sad because I’m sure they adjourned elsewhere after that or took 20, 000 other photos (without me!). So jealous!

But then, duty calls, so I had to head back home since I am working today.

Darlings, I had so, so much fun okeh! You girls really are my huge dose of happiness and I hope we can do this often. Even if often means only once a month

I ♥ you girls alot.


yayahafiza said...

yeay.... thanks for the photos... looking for u for the next event.... heheheh :)

freespirited12 said...

no problemo. m looking forward to see you soon at the next one as well. lepas raya mesti futsal balik!