September 28, 2009

mini impromptu get together.

So much for being a maidless society, I think that last weekend’s mini impromptu get together was a mini success! (at least I'd certainly like to think so). It was so nice to see good friends turning up for good food and good company. Though I was tired down to my bones and got high on punch until I found it difficult to sleep that night, I knew that when I finally hit the sack, I slept smiling remembering the day.

Truthfully, I am not used to doing anything with my MMU friends without Abdul around. They are after all, to put it loosely, friends of a friend. But it turned out to be great nonetheless. These people are some of the friendliest, most easiest to get along with people that I’ve ever known.

In fact, last Saturday, I had 3 different groups of people over at my place. After the MMU guys arrived, my TKC girls came over and then, Mamita and Jaja stayed until close to midnight! Fancy that, huh! Yeap, we had our own gossip sessions just about everywhere. In my room, at the table, in the kitchen... Haha. It was good that the both of them could join. Pity though that Adlin had to call in sick and Batss couldn’t make it and the rest... what happened?

I really didn’t follow up with anyone via phone after the FB message because it was just a mini impromptu get together and well... I was hoping that word would pass and anyone around in the area would drop by if the felt like it.

And though most of the dishes were prepared by my mom, I managed to show off the cookies I made during Ramadan. I was told they are good! (For real I hope. Hee). Finally, now I can think of baking my brownies since every single chocolate cake in the house has been finished. Hmmm. Yums.

Well, anyways it was a good Saturday :)

p.s: we had kuah kacang courtesy of mama after all ;)


nadira said...

internet dkt rumah mcm gila, guna broadband maxis je utk access FB.and bila dpt masuk fb terus buat benda lain tak baca inbox! tapi last-last baca jugak dan berniat utk reply tapi tak ter-reply. Reply pun regrets only sbb couldnt make it anyway. im sorry i missed it!! now dah lepas raya, we must REALLY plan for mummy's and farah's bday.

freespirited12 said...

yeap. mamita said bulan 10 she is super busy. haihlaaaa. i'm quite full in oct too.

tapi we will try to slot it in. maybe end oct

farah said...

u guys gossiped!!!! alaaaaaaaaaaaaa

hahaha ni mane gamba food nih?? hahaha nak terliur ngah kerja =)

uiks abg din tak dtg ka? die yg nak hang out sangat (din jwb din!) hahaha

freespirited12 said...

mesti la gossip skit skit ;p

cerita pasal kerja, best friends, etc ;p

din takkan jawab kat sini. i don't think he reads my blog anymore. hehehe..

joms kite buat you ppl punya birthdays on the 18th atau 24th atau 1st november weekend.

sila roger saya nak present apa. tak termasuk makanan kucing please ;p