September 08, 2009

period zit.

For the past 2 months, my cycle has been a tad bit unstable. It comes, but it is either late or early. I can’t tell what will happen this month or next month because now, I just don’t know. Bottom line is that it never takes more than 40 days.

I know there are several things which can affect our cycle; 3 of which are lack of plain water, good exercise and incessant amount of unnecessary stress.

The causes are there and the symptoms are clear; my “period zit” has made its special appearance on my normally flawless (bluwekk perasan) face and it has popped more than twice but that’s what it normally does, so it doesn’t bug me. I honestly don’t mind if I’m late this month. Really.

After all, I am lacking in my usual dosage of plain water and yes, I am under alot of stress; both from lack of work and too much of it at the same time. And of course, you ladies know very well why I wouldn’t mind it being late this month right, right? Qada’ is a very trying thing, men. Really, you should try it with all kinds of godaan being pushed under your nose. Tsk tsk.

Anyways, I know that I am actually hoping in vain. Other than the zit, since 13 Ramadhan, I have been craving for so many things!

1. Teh panas
2. Mee goreng mamak ayam and teh tarik jasema
3. Dominos pizza
4. California pizza kitchen
5. Cheezy wedges
6. Stuffed Olives

(okay, I won’t list them down, it would be too much to bear)

The one thing which has managed to top the list ALL the time is none other than CARAMEL MACHIATTO!

Telltale signs that my period will be here soon. Of course, this can help as well.

I am already at my 32nd day and I am due. Let’s hope this prolongs until Raya?

Haha, you wish. ;p

I cannot wait for tonight la hoh! Cannot !


Caffeine Addict said...

esok lusa period lah tuh...
my cyle selalu nya 32 day+++
terlambat sket time puasa tu normal

(dengki sebenarnya... moh la qada' ramai2 saya dah buang 3 hari ni... ;p

freespirited12 said...

i don't want!
though i know it's coming it's coming.

(though still hoping that it doesn't)

or hoping that it comes during raya, so that jalan2 raya tak payah nak risau nak cari tempat nak solat.

and so that tak payah nak qada' apape.

paling sedih is that if i get my period, it would be the last 10 days of puasa! sedih sangat!