September 29, 2009

Funny how...

... my brain only works at the office where posting a blog entry is concerned . Sometimes, I have so much to write when at home, yet the words don’t flow as easily as it does here, right here at the office.

Well, anyways, since I checked on my work and realised that I have completed my task up to the 3rd meeting’s assignment, I think I deserve to take a break. I’ve done work ahead of time and I seriously cannot stand looking at the same assignment and reading and rereading again and again and again. I need to do some writing.

I like our library alot, but at the moment, it seems like I have to avoid it at all costs just in case I bump into Mdm. Level 2, whose second home is right there. I have to avoid being in her sight because she will certainly find ways and means to get me involved in something I am not supposed to be involved with.

So, since I’m done with my assignment (for now), I decided to pick up a book which is currently sort of the talk of the town owing to the fact that news of the upcoming movie has started to leak. Or is it out already and I am belated (as usual)?

Initially, I was reading The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory but I have yet found its appeal. It’s just a story about the olden days when monarchs were powerful and the church had a say in everything and vice and corruption were rampant and being practiced openly. If you’ve watched Elizabeth, you’d be able to relate to it quite easily.

But one day last week, I was passing by my sister’s room to the toilet and found The Time Traveller’s Wife on her bookshelf, which we bought on our Borders outing a few weeks back. I started reading yesterday evening, and I am hooked on it!

I’m not quite half way through yet (hey, this girl needs her sleep), but it’s quite interesting to know that such people with such diseases existed in this world. It’s a bit like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, only more unpredictable because the sequence of events is not in chronological order.

So, I am on it now and I hope to finish by end of this week by the rate I am going at. But I’m also taking time to soak in all the details. I wonder what will happen at the end of it all... Would Henry and Clare lead a normal life, finally?

Come, read with me too?

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