June 02, 2009

all freaked out.

I need a freaking damn break. I really do need a freaking damn break. I have been like a freaking road runner non-stop and no one seems to understand that. All this is really getting to my nose. I need a freaking break.

Even though I’m attending a supposedly interesting course, I feel like I’m treading on eggshells all the time because at any time, I might get a call from the office, telling me to come back to correct some freaking work which I should have been able to do, should I not have concentrated so much on the Conference which in the end cost us.

I don't juggle well anymore. I quit the circus a long time ago.

I need a break. I’ve got too much negative running through my veins it’s making me sick.

More than anything, Ya Allah, makbulkanlah doa hambamu yang lemah ini. Please...

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