June 17, 2009

ngot dan nget.

silly, i know.

you know how dazed and disoriented i am today right? that i forgot about meetings and discussions and what have you. thing is, work doesn’t allow this lagging period and when people get back to work, they are expected to... work.

we normally book parking spaces for those from other agencies who come here for meetings and discussions. and i had to do the booking this morning.

a few hours after i sent the memo, phone rings:

“puan hanisa, ni william, dari keselamatan.”
(dalam hati terbakar, aku belum puan lagi la...)
“oh, ye, ye, kenapa ye?”
“puan, puan ada book parking kan tadi?”
“ada. kenapa ye?”
“puan, kami nak confirm balik time meeting tu.”
“oh, petang ni, pukul 2.30.”
“oh, okay. sebab puan hantar memo dekat kami cakap pukul 2.30 a.m.”

(what the hell? siapa yang meeting pukul 2 pagi, hoi? if habis at 2.30 can la, ni start at 2.30??

yes, that proves just how disoriented i was today.

but apparently, i’ve been dazed for a long time. macam orang high pulak.

“lynn, saya dah pte blog tu. tapi saya dah invite awak dah. just sign in using your yahoo acc.”
“oh, you mean yang essenceoflynn tu?”
“yeap, that one.”
“kakak, permission denied. maybe you can add me later?”
(i checked my settings because i was positive that i invited her)
“essenseoflynn invited on 12/6/2009”
(omg salah invite. who the hell did i invite then??)

saya pon message balik dengan malunya kerana saya terlalu ngok la gamaknya.
maafkan saya, i will be less dazed by next week, insyaallah. :)


Ilma said...

kakak dear, bukan skrg ni it's the norm ke panggil "puan" as a salutation regardless of the women's marital status? That's what my boss said. Memule tenseion gak dulu when I got called puan byk kali. Haha..The reason is if all guys are addressed by "encik" regardless of their marital status then all women should be addressed with a standard term too.

freespirited12 said...

yeap, that's what my mom told me as well. though ada la lagi yang resort to "cik nisa" instead of puan.

i guess it is standard practice, huh.