June 13, 2009

yeap, you can have it your way.

Friday lunch.

Fridays are never good days for fasting.
The break is way too long to not think of food.
Sleeping in is an option, but it's hard to do even that when the lunch break is from 12.15 to 2.45.

The only time anyone would appreciate a long lunch break is when it's actually fasting month.
So, yes.
We decided that Ayu deserved to have Friday lunch hour her way, since she successfully fasted for 4 working days.

Believe me that this (fasting) is a little bit difficult to do especially when your friends love to munch and cannot stop talking about lunch come 12.00 p.m.

Ayu, sorry, the pictures are too cute. They need to be shared.
Don't worry, my blog only has 12 readers and they won't use these against you :)

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