June 18, 2009

burning candle.

I feel like something is missing in me. I think it is my drive. Yes, I’m sure it is my drive. Suddenly, I totally understand the meaning of being all burnt out. But any moment longer spent dwelling on this issue will consume my energy. It will consume me. So I’d better stop.

On a lighter note, today is Thursday already! Yeayness! Such bliss knowing that I’m just a day away from a weekend full of rest (hopefully).

Hey, I’m really tired and don’t know what else to say.

Gosh, it’s official then. I am officially declaring that this is sloth week.

I’m just not sure whether by forced accumulation, or by choice.


dira said...

Kakkk thanks for the invite. i also thought u needed the privacy so tamo kacau. that aside, glad that the issue's resolved and u're feeling more free to post and say the things u want.

have a great weekend!

freespirited12 said...

no problem dirr!
was just taking some time going thru my address book.

have a great weekend too!