June 21, 2009

procrastination, my friend.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really been a fan of studying or working from/at home. I’ve always regarded home as a place to rest; the place which marks the segregation between your life at work and your life. It’s not something I’m entirely proud of, I must say, but I also know that it’s quite healthy. It’s as if my brains are trained to demarcate the line; when to remain active and when to just play “dumb”.

Mostly, it’s psychological. But I still don’t fancy the thought of going through files at home.

If you’ve been a constant reader, you would have noticed how frustrated I was (or perhaps still a little bit am) with my job. The pay is good and predictable, but the path to getting some small recognition for your strengths is alot to ask for. It really is.

Thus, with all the free time I initially had in my hands, my mind has been accustomed to being idle. It has gotten used to the easy routines. Now, having changed into a more exciting albeit busier unit, my brains are being wrecked and put to its real test.

I either sync or swim with the flow.

I know I’m not the only one facing this.

As much as I understand how idleness affects the brain, it’s not something I tolerate, where I know it can be helped.

Which is why when people don’t make (even feeble) attempts, I get angry. Though I’ve never had problems being a teamplayer before, I see now that the cons way outweigh the benefits of sharing a piece of work with others. I’d rather get bombarded on my own rather than taking the blame for something someone else did half-heartedly.

The mentality here is that someone will eventually pick the missing pieces up for you and complete/ repair the mess you have made out of the puzzle. It’s frustrating how much idleness has been able to penetrate into the minds of people, so much so that even the better ones are affected.

And with such mentality, procrastination becomes everybody’s best friend, as if it’s an accepted practice, even if I think it’s intolerable.

It is intolerable, as much as I understand. Something needs to be done, I just don’t know what, just yet.

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