June 09, 2009

powerful hopes.

Lunch hour. Saya sedang menghadiri Kursus Pengurusan Perut. Maka, saya hanya makan separuh daripada apa yang saya beli. Lagi separuh telah beri kepada Hadi kerana dia tak sempat beli makanan. Please don’t say, “Hanisa you are not fat!” because I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. It’s a good thing I haven’t finished puasa ganti yet. Next week, I will fast and hopefully graduate with flying colours in the Tummy Management Course, as mentioned above.

Even Theodore can’t lie for me, because he takes horrible photos of Mummy now.

At times like these, I think it’s a great thing that we have faith in something more divine than ourselves. It’s a good thing that no matter how wrong things go, there is some divinity in each explanation, which makes everything just fall into place although they don’t quite fit, just yet.

At times like these, I am thankful for the hopes, prayers and support people around us show.

“Tell him Mama is praying for him.”

At times like these, there is not much we can do except for hope, work hard, hope more and tawakkal.

There is so much we have done.

Surely, we have earned our blessings.


But even if this door doesn’t open for us, there would be more doors and we will work just as hard.

We may be walking in circles, but in the end, we'll always find a safe haven. In something, somewhere. And though sometimes no one can see how hard we’ve worked, at least we know that we’ve made a mark somewhere, no matter how little.

What may be glass to some might be a diamond to us. Only we can belittle ourselves. No one else should.

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