June 13, 2009

Sister, Sister.

Well, at last, my turn has come for my sister to bully me.

We (the grown ups) have been taking turns to bring her out whenever she wants for whatever she wants. Haha.

So, today we decided to watch 17 Again. At first, I thought, "Basketball, musicals and Zac Efron is just so typical of him. This is going to be another HSM."

How wrong I was. I enjoyed the movie tremendously! In fact, there were moments when I thought I could cry because it was just too touching. It's really sweet and not too corny. And I thought that the length of the movie was just nice as well.

Well, before the movie, we decided to get something to bite. Since my sister heard that I am undergoing my Tummy Management Course, she decided that she would follow suit, since she doesn't want to be bigger than me.

So, we took a quick bite at Gloria Jeans Coffee, thanks to the Digi coupon I received.

I thought that the food was just okay. My drink, which was Mocha Caramalatte was extremely pretty and it tastes good too.

But the thing that struck me the most was the friendly staff who helpfully suggested the favourites, it being obvious that it was my first time there and all.

So, I think that counter manners and tact play a big, big role when you're in the food industry. We've tasted better tiramisu before and of course, not many can compete with Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks.

But I'll definitely go back there again because of the nice people :)

Anyways, when I have enough time and money to spare, I think I'm going to join dancing classes. I think dancers have a healthy kind of high :)


anonymous much. said...

Oh yeahh!
you know, I DO pick good movies, okay?

freespirited12 said...

kuang kuang kuang.
says who?
says you???

kuang kuang kuang.
masuk bakul, angkat sendiri nampak?

learn that one. (i think it's the correct version)

BM mesti dapat A this time!

i'm gonna watch all the good movies next month while you're there!

jgn nangessss ;p