June 29, 2009


Sometimes, I wish I could go beyond just jeans, blouses, cardigans, tshirts, pumps, wedges and Skechers.

Honest. It’s like I have zilch sense of fashion and I’d really like to try out some new things for a change.

I find people who dare to flaunt the latest trends amazing. I love visiting fashion blogs to see what’s hot and what’s not. Sometimes, their sense of style is a tad too quirky for my liking, but as long as they feel comfortable and don’t do it at someone else’s expense, I’m cool with it.

After all, out of all people, I should be the last to comment on somebody else’s sense of style. I have zilch, remember?

But truth to be told, I know a thing or two about dressing comfortably. Sometimes, it may be a tad too simplistic for the avid fashion lovers but it’s not such a bad thing to me, considering the fact that it’s appropriate for that particular occasion.

One of the best examples I can give is when we are going to the pasar malam, atau nama glamer dia, “night market”.

The night market will see me wearing a pair of jeans or khakis or seluar lembik malas with a simple, plain top of pastel colours or stripy polo tees with colours which do not make Paris Hilton want to die, a pair of slippers, pumps or Skechers, worn according to mood and turn. Even if I’ve just returned from somewhere where I had to dress up a little bit, I would normally make my way back home to get a change of clothes or I don’t go to the night market at all.

To me, it’s just logical that people wear the things I just mentioned above because for that particular occasion, that is the most appropriate and obviously the most comfortable as well.

The night market really is a place where smoke and body odour try to outdo each other plus the crowd literally is like sardines jam packed in a can. All effort of dressing up would go down in vain. Plus, the only potential suitors there probably come from Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia.
(not that they are so bad, but you get where I’m going to, no?)

Point is, there is of course freedom of expression in our country and you can wear whatever (appropriate) to express your fashion sense or to make a statement. Cuma, I think that people really, really, really need to consider the condition and situation beforehand before they decide to put on a pair of bright red skin-fitting patent leggings and 4 inch heels to head to the pasar malam.

After all, our main purpose is probably to get a small packet of air soya and keropok lekor sahaja.

(so, when people look your way and gape, don’t be riled because you brought the attention onto yourself.)

This was not meant to hurt anyone; it’s just a Sunday observation. Unless of course you’re ready to be stalked by some stranger who has taken a liking on your extravagant dressing, please dress appropriately.


Ilma said...

You fashion police! Haha, in Kelantan, you can see the other extreme. Some girls pegi pasar malam with the flowy baju kelawar. Some girls even wore PJs! Some makciks would even have bedak sejuk plastered on their faces. Aku nak gelak pun ada, but then again, maybe it's a norm here..

freespirited12 said...

ahaahaha. terpaksa jadi fashion police. it's a bit absurd la kan nak pegi pasar malam pon sampai pakai heels and red tights bagai. isk isk.

tapi yang bedak sejuk tu is horrible okaaaaayyyyy. ahahhahahaha