June 25, 2009

a little breather.


Finally, I can take a deep breath. I have been dead busy since Monday and had to refrain from using the internet. Plus, I didn’t have much to say after Monday. Maybe a miracle will come and make my 4 years of my long, hard wait worthwhile, and perhaps, it will be a better deal than we expected.

Okay, enough of that.

As you all probably know, there has been a rise of 400% in the cases of selsema babi in our country this week alone. It’s all over the newspapers; it’s broadcasted daily, and basically has become the talk of the town. More often than not, we are either too ignorant to want to know or we are too scared to face the truth.

I fall under the latter category.

But when your own sister is quarantined in school and your brother is stuck in Australia (thankfully, not in Melbourne), you have no other choice but to look at fear in the eye and hope that everything goes well for all of us.

I can’t see them both right now. I’m not allowed to. We are scheduled to leave for Melbourne end of this year and later make a trip to Adelaide, but with the selsema babi being a pandemic and all; it all seems like a long shot.

How sad. How very sad indeed…


fiqss said...

hey hey, just go, dont cancel ur trip. it shuld be ok :)

my sys is on a 3 week holiday in MELBOURNE! lol.

kenapa ur sis kena quarantine kat college??

freespirited12 said...

adoi! she's on holiday there?
hmmm.. my dad says that we might just go and hope for the best. but still, it is a tad bit scary kan with most of the carriers coming from that state...

we'll see.

sis tak jadi kena quarantine since the suspected pesakit turned out to be negative...

nasib baik, alhamdulillah...