June 19, 2009

penghulu segala hari.


Today we had a Tazkirah. One of the best things about working in a government department is that the divinity of things is often not forgotten. Even with the increase in entry of non-Malays into the department now, we still hold these sessions while extending the invitation to them. And they seem not to mind attending at all, because I think that the Malay officers here have also learnt to be more accommodating and tolerant towards the various sensitivities of each race

In that, it makes the tazkirah a lot more interesting and the penceramah a lot more approachable.

today, we were told why our prayers have not been answered.

4 main reasons:

Makanan yang kita makan haram;
Minuman yang kita minum haram;
Pakaian yang kita pakai haram; dan
Makanan, minuman dan pakaian yang diberi kepada kita

I guess we’re all guilty of this recklessness at times. Though my family is the wary and cautious type, on my own, I can be quite reckless.

So, have we done enough to ensure that everything we eat comes from a legitimate, healthy and clean source?

I hope so.

And another thing we learnt today is that there are only 2 types of people Allah recognises.

The intelligent; and
The stupid.

To fall under the category of intelligent people, we must always reflect upon what we have done each and every day. Feeling good and assuming that we did good everyday is not enough to make us an intelligent person. We must always remember that the world does not revolve around us. Thus, we must be wary not to hurt another person when we stretch our hands sideways. We must make room for them so that we can all be equally comfortable.

If you want to remain stupid (I’m sure not), you’re allowed to “dahulukan nafsu sebelum akal” dan “berdoa tanpa berusaha.” Cristal clear, isn’t it? I’m sure we don’t need more explanation.

It’s never too late to start. A reminder to myself, more than anything, actually. I hope I will not forget this.

And another thing, our penceramah told us that when we say our do'a we are closest to Allah then. We should ask for what we need and what we want. Tapi jangan lupa usaha, okay?

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