June 10, 2009

good people always get caught doing bad things II

This morning, unlike the rest of the other mornings in this week, I chitchatted with Shiida over breakfast, at the back room of the office, until it was past 8.30 a.m. when office hours start officially.

Last week and the entire 2 days of this week, I have been working like a dog, going here and there non-stop and so today, I thought I’d loosen up a bit.

Then, waltzed in Big Boss Number 2. It was a very incriminating situation, the both of us eating and discussing cars and whatnots, as if we didn’t have enough already on our plates to deal with.

Memang kalau dah baik tu asyik kantoi aje kerja. Sekarang semua orang takut nak jalan dengan kitaorang sebab asyik kantoi tak guna betul.

Kena pegi lunch pukul satu sharp. Jika tidak, that's it lah.

Benci betul! Not fair!!! ;p

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