June 17, 2009

necessary hasty decision.


When I got back from Pangkor, I googled myself. Okay, maybe that’s not the first time I did it, but you’re not allowed to laugh because you do it too, don’t you? Well, point is I googled and discovered that I am the third hit.

I didn’t know that it was THAT easy to find me on the net.

Talk about the internet being a blessing and a nuisance all at once.

When I found that out, pieces of a puzzle started to glue together. Of how one of my colleagues suddenly found this space through days of bloghopping.

And of how another colleague suddenly mailed me about “writing” under the Youthsays program or something. It struck me as odd that she sent it to me and not the normal thread to everyone we know kind of thing.

Now, I think she might have googled and found my blog before she sent that email to me.

Okay, I don’t want to sound so obnoxious and perasan that people are actually googling to find me. But I have a feeling that alot of us do this when we want to find out about someone.

And after Pangkor, there was alot to find out about the bunch of us, especially when Pangkor didn’t go as well as we all planned. And what better way to find out if not through an impulsive writer’s blog? You know how nasty I can get if I’m nastily impulsive.

So anyway, I suspect that perhaps some people already know the existence of this space but have been keeping mum about it. After all, it’s such a thrill looking through somebody else’s window, especially if that person doesn’t know, right?

So, making this blog private was a necessary hasty step.

I only have 13 readers, you know? So, maybe not many people miss it after all.

Though Adlin did point out last night that people are not requesting because they think that I invite only those who I want. Partly true, but if you’re a Fightersz, I’d probably add you up without hesitation if you asked me.

But I have reservations about those from UiTM Law School, because word passes around too quickly these days and it’s a dog eat dog world out here. People save themselves and themselves alone.

So, yes. I know I didn’t need to justify. But just in case you know people who want to read, tell them to tell me. I am in the process of going through my address book to identify those yang rajin comment atau call untuk verify cerita-ceriti mengarut saya. I will add them soon.

Other than that, thanks to all of you who want to read this crapazoa space. I know I crap alot, but hey, that makes me happy, so let me be?


Oh, btw, I googled again and I’m the first hit. All the more reason to continue this, ey?


tmc said...

thx for inviting me sweetie!
ive been wanting to ask for your permission, but tak kesampaian

procrastination is bad bad bad +_+

thanks againn!!!

ps: missin ya girl!

freespirited12 said...

no problem :)
i'm in the process of inviting people yang i think are always reading tapi senyap.

you take good care okay...

nanti one day we meet up.

maybe i'll come visit when things are better :)

be good :)

zed said...

yes dear, u dont need to justify why u need to privatize(LOL) ur blog. i second u, it's a dog eat dog world.

They thought when they read our blog, they could read us like a book. dream on !

Well, kak, u made the right move. :)

freespirited12 said...

yeap, glad you're on board! :)

tasha said...

yesss thanks for inviting. like timmc i wanted to ask but for some reasons i thought you might not grant it haha

i'm happy that i have something worthy to read every single day. when you made it private i was kinda sad haha you know i'm your hantu reader kan? haha

freespirited12 said...

ahah. i know that you're my hantu reader eversince my previous blog.

so, yes, welcome on board. it's nice to have people reading this crap space :)