June 08, 2009

the ugly truth.

“Don’t defy me”

I’m sure you’ve gotten that before. Especially if you’re a wife, a daughter, a child. You’re bound to get that when you say too much of the truth; one which they just wouldn’t listen to.

Sometimes, we discuss it in a very serious manner.

Sometimes, we joke about it.

Sometimes, we hide the thing.

Sometimes, we argue about it.

But all the time, we get fired back at for saying what they don’t want us to say because the truth is an ugly thing.

What they fail to realise is that with each sinful stick they puff, our hearts break. Because we know that they know but they don’t want to do anything about it.

The recent implementation of putting gory images on the boxes seem to have created more business for those who were creative enough to foresee that people would look for an obliteration; for ways and means to rid of their guilt.

Their consciences are still heavily hanging there. And this is obvious just by their act of obliterating the ugly truth.

But they do it nonetheless. They obliterate.

“Makngah sedih tengok adik-adik Makngah ni tak putus-putus merokok. Sebelum arwah Pakngah meninggal, dia kata dia menyesal. Dia menyesal sebab dia sakit macam ni. Menyesal sebab dia tak sempat nak besarkan anak-anak dia.”

My late Pakngah left us years ago, when my youngest cousin was of the wee ages of 5, if I’m not mistaken. He was too young to understand. My Makngah never remarried. I’m sure it broke her heart.

Don’t let this happen to your loved ones. Don’t start. Butt it. Don't puff it.

(of course don't butt it when there's nothing left of the stick. that would be pointless)

It breaks our hearts.

I wish you could just see where we are coming from.

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