June 28, 2009

cons and prons, pantiton.

Last night was one crazy fun night as I had the girls over at my place. We were talking and laughing and camwhoring and gossiping like nobody’s business. It was so much fun; I wish I could keep the girls here in my small house all the time.

It has been months since I last saw Becks, since she was in Costa Rica and couldn’t join our family gatherings. Lucky that she came back just in time for our infamous biskut cornflakes coklat. Heee.

Too bad Fah couldn’t make it though, since Balong was too lazy to drive! Grrrrr...

It was sort of a surprise to all of us last night that we all faced more or less the same problems. In fact, the problems I had when I was 14 still persist and are the same problems bugging 14 year-olds now. The things that have changed are probably the degree, seriousness and subject matter of contention.

Other than that, of course our approaches and level of naik darah differ tremendously from one generation to another.

Oh, well...

We must get together soon, loverlies, to celebrate Becks coming home and of course, Fah’s upcoming birthday.

Til the next time, I love you Pantitons ;p
(okay, that was a private joke, other people wouldn’t understand. sorry naik lorry)

more pictas *here*

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