June 04, 2009

choose your evil.

Hari ini hari yang amat letih. Saya sangat penat dan otak saya sangat penat.

I noticed off late that I lack in interesting things to blog about. Not that anything was very interesting before, but now, it’s dwindling down to... nothing. I normally am this uncreative when I’m too happy, but likewise, my thoughts are a bit like a music piece full of staccatos in them when I’m all stressed up and tired.

For some unfathomable reason, since the current PM took the lead, I stopped reading the papers. Not that I stopped entirely, but well, it became significantly less than what I used to read.

I know it’s not good to not be in the know. After all, knowledge is power, undeniably.

But then, I guess at this stage, I’ve gotten bored of the same propaganda. I’ve gotten bored of the same dreams they put into our soft-shelled skulls; and the promises they make. I’ve gotten bored of the same one-sided semantics the newspapers use. Bored, just bored. Some people call it same old, same old. I call it susu basi.

The thing I’m bored of the most is the way we (Malaysians) wait and dote as if we’ve never seen and heard it all before. I’m surprised at how much attention we actually pay to the ideas they condition us to believe, no matter how blatant their lies are. There is such a thing called “please walk the talk”. I wish they just would.

I’m no supporter of either side of the world, no. I’m apolitical, and I wish to remain that way, not just because I’m supposed to, but also because I think there’s no point in taking sides. The other side is either the greater or lesser of the 2 (or more) evils.

Bottom line is that they’re all evil anyway.

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