June 21, 2009

seekor anak musang.

I just got back from lunch with my Kesayangans. It has been ages since we all got together, and it’s been an even longer time since we all met Batul. Sigh.

It’s great when you have friends like this you know. Friends whom you can simply slip into conversation with so easily, you can’t believe you haven’t met for eons.

There was alot of catching up to do and we went round the table to tell our stories. Everyone was trying to get their story in at the same time (to be expected when you’re out with a bunch of legally qualified people. read: we LOVE to talk, surprise, surprise! tell me something new. haha) so you can imagine the havoc.

Of course conversation was mainly around the topic of work, weddings and engagements and whatnot. Exciting isn’t it, that some of us have decided to tie the knot. We’re planning to get some cloth and tempah together for the occasions, so that we’ll all look nice. Of course, it would be so much fun! :)

And the food... was divine! Seriously divine! I had lamb chops and iced tea and the rest had some fish, pasta and whatnots (sorry tak ingat nama diaorang punya food). And then, we chose 5 deserts to pass round the table, including the all time favourite; brownies with ice cream! Hmmm.. super scrumptious! Jaja’s caramel cupcake was lovely as well. Okay, I love deserts, enough said.

I had so much fun, people! We should do this more often.

Jika sebulan sekali pon saya dah cukup happy.

Thanks Adlin for suggesting the place. This place warrants a repeat; lovely food and splendid ambience as well :). Of course, I wouldn't trade kamuorang for the world.

More photos *here*

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