May 31, 2009

i wouldn't mind going to bed.

I’m home and exhausted. The entire weekend I was in Kuantan for my cousin’s wedding. The first in the family to tie the knot. So you can imagine the huha we all made about it. It was a lovely wedding! Simple, but lovely nonetheless. And of course, since we were all there (and we haven’t met for like gazillion of years), the wedding felt all the more special. With endless hugs and laughter and food, what more could I ask for?

But I am exhausted. I really am. I slept the entire way from Temerloh back home, reached home and slept again and now, I am just waiting to perform Isyak and then, slumberland, here I come.

Which means that I am so dead because I have to submit something on Tuesday but I haven’t written a single thing.

Gah. Such a mood spoiler.

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