May 17, 2009

reasons why.

Though I have been abnormally silent, my mind has been churning like a motor. Almost mechanical; almost machine-like. It’s been overworking, perhaps already overworked.

I’m supposed to hit the sack early tonight. I’ve been driving like a madwoman these past few days; the result of waking up when I should be leaving home and it’s starting to burn holes in my pocket. I’m more broken than broke to the point that I had to shove my pride under the carpet when offered some fuel money by my dad.

Sometimes, I write alot of things, which I’m not aware of, realising very little (or much too late) that I’ve overexposed myself to the people reading this space, if any.

But then again, that’s my expressive way of saying things, especially when I find it difficult to say something upfront. Sometimes, when I write things, I expect people to understand where I’m coming from and why.

And sometimes, I wish people took cue, deliberated and did the necessary when they become aware of the things which bother me.

And trust me, this has nothing to do with anyone disappointing or irking me to the point of driving me up a wall.

I know this is pretty intense for an update after a half-week silence. But trust me, I’m well, and didn’t have that bad of a weekend.

I’m just hoping that this week will be good and gentle to me, though I know it’s the toughest yet.

1 presentation, 1 meeting and off I go. Will I make a fool out of myself?

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