May 04, 2009

laughing fits.

Nins: “Kakak Neesa, I’m going to ask you something I never ask my other friends.”

Me: Oh, shit. Please don’t ask me embarrassing, I-don’t-know-how-to-answer questions (dalam hati la)

Nins: How’s work?

Me: *tarik nafas lega* Its fine, it’s crazy. But its okay because it pays my bills, buys my things and it gives me good food to eat.

Nicky: Salah la Kakak Neesa.

Me: Hoh? Why salah?

Nicky: When Nina tanya “How’s work” … you answer…

“It’s paying me attention”


Nicky: Kakak Neesa, why did King Kong climb to the top of the Empire State Building?

Me: Tatau. He wanted to see the city? (I know boring answer)

Nicky: Salah. Because he couldn’t fit into the elevator. (dengan muka seposen sekali)


Yes, kids can really make you laugh like you’ve been drugged with some powerful laughing gas. I keep on thinking that Nicky’s still 5, but he must be like 9 now? I’m not too sure. Ahahaha. But he really does make me guling-guling atas lantai like this.

Other than that, what really makes me happy is food! And of course, good company. So, thanks to Mamita’s boss, I got both last night! Though I must say that the buffet range was a tad disappointing, but the barbecued food was quite okay. I ate every single piece of meat they served apart from that big block of chicken.

And of course, I took desert and forced everyone to finish it off. Haha.

And of course, which girl wouldn’t be happy to live on shoes, handbags and more clothes? I bought myself 2 pretty things over the weekend, which I have worn! And happily, I must say.

No pictures of myself though. I’ve got to start teaching these girls how to work the camera because I want to be in Theodore too!

Okay, enough, back to work for me for now.

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