May 19, 2009

everyone takes and no one gives back.

Where I am, I have been told to take credit. To really, really make a point to take credit. Because the truth is, where I am, no one recognises anything. And as much as taking credit isn’t a well-known (or very well liked) practice, I’ve probably got to start doing it. I’ve got to stop assuming that they know where all the hard work comes from.

I’m angry about something. But mostly, the fact that I can’t do anything about it angers me the most. Sometimes, I wish I could just blow my top and make my point as clearly as the clear blue sky but I can’t. That’s another thing. Right here where I am, sometimes points aren’t made clearly, not even between peers.

A fast surging frustration is bothering me and it’s new to me. Almost alien, really. I never really had this problem before. People never took my credit; they almost always gave it back. Now, not only do I have to go through neverending frustrations, I’m not even recognised where I am.

It beats me. I’ve been here a year. But I’m not there. The rest are and I am not. Maybe it’s no big deal, but hey, if I think it is, then it is.Really, check the website. I'm invisible.

I feel like screaming. Just get me away from here already.

Before I punch someone to death.


chibimoruku said...

hi :) i'm not having a blast here too :) encountered racism the first time ever and trying hard to cope :(

i bet almost everyone despises/secretly despises their job cause there'll always be better jobs out there, but until u dread waking up in the morning, u just have to face it la :(

i am gloomy :) ur post makes me gloomier :) hahaha kene minum air white coffee hazelnut ni:) hahaha *hint*

freespirited12 said...

hahah. i know we all think we could be better, right?

but i love my job, really. it's just at times like these that i feel like i can sit home and sit hazelnut white coffee (hints back!) ;p

let's go some weekend okay? maybe the first week of june because my may is fully booked!


take care you!