May 13, 2009

micro managers.

Every single day I wish that all this would end quick. I’m not joking. My minutes of meetings are evidences of how long we’ve all been working on this and it dates back to… 19th February 2009. I’m beginning to feel like it’s all getting to me, while being well aware that I just need it to end, and that that’s going to happen pretty soon.

There’s a term for a certain kind of people and it’s called Micro Managers. My trusted source tells me I’m one myself, so there’s really no wonder because it takes one to tell on another, right? My inner voice tells me that I’ve quit being one, but maybe it’s lying a bit. I do still manage, but I try not to look at things as microscopically as I used to.

All this stress is making me hungry. I’m going to go on my biskut kering binge again.

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