May 07, 2009

duty calls.

We have received blatant, unscrupulous stares before. Like when we’re caught staring intently at the computer monitor, not really looking at any substantial work. Like when we’re caught dancing in the corridors like we’ve got nothing better to do. Like when we’re seem streaming for videos like nobody’s business.

But you see, if it were up to me, I would rather be reading the EU Directive or CMA to equip myself with knowledge which, to me, at the moment is extremely alien. I would like to read my manual so that I don’t appear too daft when I’m talking about my line of job.

But then, if no one Googles dinner themes and decorations, if no one practices how to dance and to act in a play and if no one streams for videos… NO ONE else will do it. Because no one else can be bothered to do something without people actually telling them to.

I mean, if people can’t be bothered to do something they’re tasked to, what makes you think people will do something not assigned to them at all?

So, I think the stares should stop. Duty calls. No matter in what form.

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