May 11, 2009

for her, not with her. but it was fun :)

While most people spent mother’s day WITH their moms, I spent it FOR her. But don’t get me wrong, I did get her a gift beforehand; something I know she had her eyes on since like forever! And I know for a fact that she loves it because she was jumping and planting endless kisses on me when she got it. So, yes, it feels good :)

Anyway, back to how I spent it FOR her. We went to Ilham Batik at Taman Berlian to get Mama some batik. By we, I mean myself, Abduls and Nazmie. Iye la, mereka menumpang Mama saya, tapi sehari je saya tak kisah.

We spent hours and hours at that place! I was covered in cloth of all kinds of sizes, designs and colours! I can’t even start to explain how beautiful they all are.

And what’s best is that every single piece of batik is hand painted, the traditional chanting way. What’s even better is that you get to customise the designs as you like and wish. And they can get it ready for you in like 4 days!

But of course, good quality, customised goods must come with quite a hefty price tag. But I guess it’s worth it especially when you know that you’ll be walking into a function room, being the only one to wear that one of a kind design!

Haha. And of course, K.Mas and Abg Lan are like 2 of the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. They treated us to dishes and dishes of homemade goodness and entertained our weird and awestruck antics! It was really fun.

I never knew that shopping for cloth could be so fun. Hee.

By the way, Abang and Adik, if you are reading this, the gift to Mama was from all of us. Jadi, sila jangan blur jika tiba-tiba Mama kata thank you kat awak berdua untuk buku tu.

I wrote the card from 3 of us out of habit la. Dah terbiasa :)

Encik Muhammad, lama tak dengar berita?

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