May 05, 2009

get used to it.

There are a few things I cannot tolerate. And mind you, it is NOT stupidity. Because hey, after all, I’m not that smart either.

But I do mind when people don’t make the effort to make themselves smarter. It’s okay NOT to know, but it’s NOT okay to remain not knowing. Because after all, there are many ways to know.

The other thing I cannot tolerate is when one DOES NOT want to know the state of things, whether those which they are directly involved in, or those which others are doing. It’s okay to update ourselves with the status of things. Not everything amounts to gossip, and not everything MUST be gossip. Sometimes, it’s just important that we know the state of things.

I also happen to hate dislike people who whine. Sometimes, whining stops us from doing a better job out of anything because… the pre-perceptions we have cloud us.

I’m guilty of remaining in the dark, i.e. not wanting to know more. I’m guilty of being lazy to find out. I’m also guilty of whining to certain special, selected people.

But I know when to stop. And I know when to be in the know about the things which surround me.

So, would it be wrong of me to expect the same out of others?

Sometimes, our previous lives just don’t leave us alone, do they? So, I should get used to this.

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