May 29, 2009

the competitor.

I’m convinced that the reason why I feel this way is because of my over competitiveness. It’s something I’m not sorry for, but it’s not really something I’m proud of entirely either. Mostly, it’s something I really cannot help. I have been conditioned to take pride in the work I do, and so I do it well, no matter how petty the work is.

So, when someone else gets the benefit of the doubt and credit for the things he does well, it gets on my nerves because I know that I can do better as well, or maybe even better than that person. It’s just that I’m bogged down with other things, which are work related, just not substantially.

This upsets me.

I shouldn’t be putting the blame on someone else. And maybe I should be trying harder. But then, I am trying my hardest. My very hardest.

I really need my therapy.

My Kesayangans, my cousins and of course, si Currypuff.

Nasib baik dapat sedikit Currypuff this weekend.

I still don’t have pictures. I left Theodore at home because I have too many things to do.

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