May 08, 2009

good people always get caught doing bad things.

Have you noticed that? That good people always get caught when they are doing bad things. Like when they are actually concentrating on doing really good things, like studying or reading or doing their opinion, no one actually sees them. But the moment they lift their butts from their chairs and leave their concentration spots, to do more insignificant, useless things like eating kedongdong with some office staff, or going to the corridor to get a piece of gossip, or discussing some non-substantial workload, the boss will pass by. The boss will smile cynically. Or they will stop by to ask what we’re doing.

And most of the time, the answers aren’t what they want to hear. Especially when eating kedongdong is so res ipsa locquitur.

Yes, this always happens to me and it has happened to me more times than I can track and can care to remember.

Oops, did I just brag that I belong to a group of good people?

Oops. No la. What I'm saying is, don't do bad, okay? Eventually, we all get caught.

Walaupun benda jahat tersebut hanyalah makan kedongdong dekat corridor office.

identiti mangsa terkantoi kedongdong di atas dirahsiakan atas sebab-sebab keselamatan (diri sendiri). takut kena ketuk ;p

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