siapa lu?

Let’s deal with this fact that… we are getting old. Okay, maybe not old, just older than 10 years ago definitely. I’m sure since 10 years ago, we’ve moved on in all aspects of our lives; be it physically, mentally and of course we’ve gone to more places and met more people.

Yes, the point today is… the people we meet.

I like going through photos; my own and other people’s. Hey, we can’t help it. When people publish their photographs, we view them. That’s the whole purpose, isn’t it? The most recent photograph I have come across is the one where Najmie (Nanad’s brother) was with his cousins/relatives (or friends maybe?) at the hospital the day Baby Dani was born. Surprise, surprise! Who did I see in that picture? Huda Adam. She is now married to one of the guys in the picture, Shidi. Now, who would have thought?

And did I mention that Uncle Zai, Nanad’s uncle was my dad’s classmate or something at MRSM KB?

I think about 2 Fridays ago, while Mamita and Adlin and I were having dinner, Mamita mentioned Anas. Anas who? Anas Malik who is now Aliah Nasreen’s husband. They recently got married. Apparently, Anas is Mamita’s cousin? Like for real? Now who would have imagined??

A few months back, after the funeral of one of our family members (Alfatihah), I went through Pia’s blog and guess who commented? Aznyda from the UiTM Law Faculty. Yes, that’s who. Apparently, she’s one of Pia’s cousin’s best friends, who attended the engagement ceremony which Pia also attended. Complicated much? Yes, I know.

My CC (chief clerk in my office) is Sabrina’s (who is one of my sister’s good friends in TTDI) mother’s sister. Okay, I was just making that one complicated, she’s Sabrina’s aunt. Small world, isn’t it?

Petrina, who is now in Research was Hadi’s senior in Shook Lin and yes, Hadi, I do get stories about you every now and then, which is good since you hardly update me on anything anymore nowadays.

Did you even think that all of us were SO connected? We’re so connected it gets a bit creepy sometimes.

My point is that although the earth's equatorial diameter (which I don’t know what) is 7,926 miles, at some point in our lives; we are bound to meet (or be connected) with each other in one way or another. It could be because we have common friends, common family members, or we are put at one corner of the earth and all we have is each other.

It could also be because we have common interests like blogging and writing and travelling, etc.

Now that we know we’re bound to be connected with each other at some point in our lives, I don’t get it why some people have to be so nasty to others (and manage to sleep at night) and how some people hardly ever think before they do something or speak.

Let’s just be friends and be nice to each other okay. We don’t like it when people do bad things to us, let’s stop doing bad to others. It’s a vicious cycle, stop the spinning already.


abduls said…
jangan lah kite sedara mara.

that would be heartbreaking...

freespirited12 said…
i know dear. god forbid kan.
but i've been thinking. if we were cousins/second cousins etc., we would have come across each other when we went back to kampung since our families suke visit and buat makan-makan at our homes.

if kite sedara, mesti la saya dah pegi kampung awak dan awak dah pegi kampung saya (sebagai cousin, sebab skarang awak datang sebagai encik saya).

jadi, saya harap bahawa kita sebenarnya sedara dalam Islam dan takde talian keluarga.

family saya from rembau sebenarnya dan kite tak pernah come across each other's family pon bile2.

so, saya rasa (dan harap kuat2) supaya yang kite takmau tu tak jadik, amin
abduls said…
bapak saya from rembau.

sile jgn lupa.

orang astana raja.

freespirited12 said…
iye, itu la point yang saya try nak buat. saya dari rembau dan bapak awak dari rembau. kite tak penah jumpa pon.

my family's never heard of pak ujang and your family's never heard of pak tam. so for now, we are save.

saya juga berharap families kite tak kuat bab2 pepatih ni sebab jika dibandingkan dengan awak, saya hanya anchovy kerana saya suku tiga batu. huhuhh. jika ikutkan awak takbley kawen sama saya sebab saya kasta rendah. ahahahha.

tapi kite sekarang Islamic okay. no such thing as kasta nak kena pukul ke.

so, saya rasa kite selamat, amin.
abduls said…
ok. mak saya suku anak melaka.

ayah saya suku biduanda.

so mmg tak kene lah. ok bole teruskan perhubungan kasih. :p

freespirited12 said…
baiklah. mari teruskan perhubungan kasih. gile cinta terlarang ;p
ude said…
apekah kakak dan abduls!!memadu kasih di sini..hahah..serious..if ade fmly relationship ngn loved ones..creepy jugak!
dira said…
as long as bukan adik-beradik sudah :)

btw it's becoming a really, really small world. we found out my cousin's ex-bf dah selamat kahwin last month. the girl is our step-grandma punya cucu from her previous marriage (not to our to'ki). i found that amusing.
freespirited12 said…
ahahhahah, the world is getting small, smaller and smaller.

dirr, itu sangat amusing. mmg boleh nyanyi lagu it's a small world after all, it's a small, small world..

jodoh, jodoh...
sasha said…
i love the last part of ur entry.. 'Let’s just be friends and be nice to each other okay. We don’t like it when people do bad things to us, let’s stop doing bad to others. It’s a vicious cycle, stop the spinning already.'
it is so true la awk, tht some ppl mmg xtau ht jnis jht kt org pn msh bole hdup frm 2day onwards sy akn m'doakn sumenye m'jd darul aman (named after tmpt sy d posting kan)hehehe...
freespirited12 said…
aahahahha. thanks sha. mmg betul kan. i really don't get it how some ppl can be really nasty. being frank and blunt about some things are okay, tapi some things are just uncalled for.

saya suke juga darul aman. kampung saya di sana okay :)

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