June 30, 2008

vroom, vroom!

Today my dad drove me to “work”. I’ve never driven out of KL and Shah Alam. The farthest was Seremban and that was only twice. And only because I know the roads so well.

After showing me how to get to Putrajaya and back home, my dad went to work and I rested. Then, I dashed off to run some errands.

As I was driving, I was thinking of how far along I’ve come; with cars, that is. I’ve been driving since I was 18. Apart from the Uncle’s Kancil at JPJ, my first few experiences with cars are with a dear friend of mine who was the ONLY person who trusted me enough to drive from TTDI-Shah Alam and back.

In fact, he’s the only person who has dared sleep so far, while I drove to anywhere. And he doesn’t mind the sumbang singing too, which is a very big plus point.

And after all those mornings, evenings and nights, driving all around campus, town and home, after the endless mati engine at inappropriate places i.e. a U-turn at OU (OMG, takut fikirkan balik! and Shame shame because his sister witnessed it!), after being stuck at a dead end before a morning class on 22nd September 2003 and after all naik bukit tapi kereta turun, turun, turun....

Dean, I’m a better manual car driver than you!


p.s: you better come claim your presents before they rot!


Iezu said...

you've yet to prove that! =P

ps: why oh why must you bring up sept 22nd?? malu okk just thinking abt it...

fiqss said...

chehh,dpt putrajaya ke.
ok lah tu.

relating to the topic of putrajaya n cars, situ x banyak kereta kan, u nak DRIFT tgh2 malam pun boleh kot. hahaha. kiddin =P

yeah,u mmg power bwk manual. cant deny dat! hehe

freespirited12 said...

see, see, i mmg power bawak manual okay.

need i say more?


yayahafiza said...

congrats kakak for ur job placement..please pray for mine,k??anyway, i'm really proud to know that u're an excellent manual car driver..hahahaha...as for me, i couldn't drive manual car anymore. the last time i drove manual car was 030303 (JPJ car) and there were twice, i was forced by my friends to drive manual car for few minutes... few minutes enough to make me cuak+tension...huhu...luckily no1 kissed the car dashboard...hehe..ok kakak...all da best for ur future undertaking..do keep in touch...

p/s:boring bangat dudok drumah ni...i've been putting a lot of weight *sigh*

abdul said...

but i am a better manual driver than you, no?

freespirited12 said...


thanks aera and good luck to u. i'm sure u'll do fine okay! and don't worry about putting on weight and eating too much. it's all going to go away with all the work u get later!

and i love manual cars! :)

you're a (slightly) better driver (:p), yes, but only because you were the most garang jpj teacher next to my father!

but just so everyone knows, abdul kuat membebel masa bawak kereta sampai sometimes nak nangis sbb dia garang sangat.