June 18, 2008

not yet.

I don’t do well at the 11th hour. I’ve never been ok with it. So, the fact that it’s now 3 p.m. and I’ll have to leave tomorrow very, very early in the morning, I’m starting to feel a bit panicky. Which is sad because I planned on baking brownies for the girls tapi macam dah takde mood, okay.

Saya selalu bawak benda yang tak perlu dan tinggalkan benda yang sangat penting. That explains why I have like 4 toothbrushes everywhere; including Jaja’s house.

Saya selalu kelam kelibut and mintak tolong parents last minute. This explains why they always geram with me.

Dan perlukah red flag sekarang??? Macam mana nak mandi laut. Which is unexplainable since I’m terrified of the sea. So I don’t see why I’m fussing

I’m going off for the weekend. Be back on Saturday and most probably out on Sunday with Mamita.

Wee wee. Can’t wait lah.

I have not packed a single garment. Not at all. Not Yet. No no no no no. Oh, NO.

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