June 22, 2008

clean up that act.

I just got back from one of the best trips I’ve had. I’m ecstatic that my tastebuds have been reawakened. I’m hopelessly buoyed from all that delicious Godsent food and also the sunny days and funny games we played while we stayed 3 days together.

And I cannot be more in love than I am now that I glow in pictures even though no sun shines on me.

I had a plan. And it was a plan to write of my encounters. I was ready to regale you readers (if any) with all of the lovely things I did. I was ready to upload the many silly photos we took, and I was happy. Note the past tense; WAS.

Then, I come back and people tell me things that I don’t want to hear, but need to hear nonetheless. Every time I come online, everyone tells me of the same thing. After all those days waiting for the phone to ring, it has yet rung. The anticipated call has not come yet. I jerk at every ring, but it’s never the number I want to see.

Do you want to know why? Let me enlighten you because you might not be aware.

There are some people in this world who just don’t know what it takes to be a good person. There have been many, many stories of this one person but I have never taken anything very seriously because I have never personally encountered her bad attitude. Yes, I don’t even care that I’m not hiding facts because EVERYONE knows.

I thought people would change. But apparently, people don’t. I’m not saying that just because we are to meet the top man, we HAVE to be all hypocritical, no. I’m just saying that we need MORE tact MORE than anything else to tackle the questions he poses on us because he needs not only smart people, but also people with good attitude and tactful people who are not, to put it loosely, KONG AJAQ. I understand that perseverance is one of the most important things in surviving at the work place; but guess what? Perseverance has made YOU more than IMPOTENT this time round.

If it’s making you seem impotent or impotent, whatever, by all means, I don’t care. It just proves everyone who has told stories about you right. It proves that they were not making things up about your bad, bad attitude. But now that you’ve made everyone look bad, please, please, please. Don’t sit there like a moron and pretend that nothing happened. Something happened and you know it. So much for your not-caring-about-criticism that you unabashedly brag about in your pages, it’s time to care now, because alot of people are pointing knives at your back because of your bloody bad attitude.

Clean up your act. It’s really getting to me I could eat a zebra right now. Tibe. Takde kena mengena.

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