June 23, 2008

please feed us, please!

Date: 19th June 2008
Participants: 4 very excited & hungry girls

Venue: Penang International Airport

Smooth landing, great company and great weather. So far, everything was according to plan. Took a cab back to Taman Brown where we were going to stay for the next 3 days. After the warm welcomes by Nnad’s aunties we went upstairs to the room which was especially made up for us to get some rest. (as if we needed the rest pon. We didn’t do anything! YET! Ngee)
Waited until after Zohor before we left the house to go searching for all the yummy foodem in Penang.

at the "hotel" :)

Date: still 19th June 208
Participants: Nnad’s auntie cum tour guide extraordinaire + 4 famished girls
Venue: all around Penang in a CLK (cute little kelisa okay)
We were brought around Penang and to a shop called Tajuddin Hussain. Ate a big plate nasi putih and ayam ros, which is their second best specialty. We were hoping that the nasi tomato was still available but it being far past lunch hour, we couldn’t complain that it was already gone.
It was seriously a very hearty meal. We ate with our fingers, which really just improved my appetite and to tell you the truth, if it were up to my nafsu, I would’ve finished the entire plate of rice and chicken and bayam. But since I knew were going to other places with other food, so I had to reserve some space for the other food we were going to eat.

our finished food at Tajuddin Hussain

Then, with extremely full tummies and eyes already drooping from the food and the hot weather, we headed to the P.Ramlee Place to have a look at the house the great legend once lived in. He indeed, did have very humble beginnings. I have always loved wooden houses. It looks exactly like my late grandmother’s house in Kedah, complete with an outdoor shower and toilet. I got excited and they took silly photos of me. But it was all in good fun.

i wanta go to toilet, cannot tahan oredi!! ngehehehe

all the girls i love :)
After visiting his home, we went to the P.Ramlee museum, situated right next to his home. We read of his life history and saw that he indeed was a very, very talented man. And the next time P.Ramlee The Musical stages, I’m going again, no doubt about it.
Then, we went to Gurney Plaza. This is why the trip to verify the food haven changed to a shopping trip. We went kind of crazy looking at a shopping mall. Not that there’s anything new, but we just got a little bit excited, that’s all. Aldo had a sale going on. I saw a really nice handbag-cum-briefcase and the price was really reasonable but didn’t buy it. (I know that Jaja is going to snicker at me while reading this because she told me that I would regret not buying it) I do kind of regret, but I saw it at OU, so I know there’s still hope :P.
Then, we went to Anjung Gurney at tea time for some more good food. Had the famous Muar Chee and the Muar Chee Auntie became famous for a while. It was really scrumptious. It is soft dough made from rice floor coated in a mixture of sugar and crushed peanuts. And we also had some rojak buah, which was equally yummy!

Muar Chee Auntie

Kecil: RM 1.50, Besar: RM 2.00. tamak atau tak? TAMAK! order besar punya! hehehe. pastu cannot finish loooo

Jaja <3
I wish that I was a bigGER eater so that I could eat more of that yummylicious food. But I was still so full from the lunch that I tasted a little bit of that and this and that was it. But it was a superb experience, no doubt.

Participants: 4 slightly "expanded at the sides" girls
Venue: Solok Permai, Taman Brown
We were back at the “hotel” as we called it after that long food-seeking outing. We were full and stuffed. So stuffed that I vowed not to eat dinner that night. Hah. So much for not wanting to eat, that night when we went to Kayu, I finished a plateful of rice and chicken and went back a very happy girl whose fingers smelt of strong, strong mamak curry and whose tummy was starting to bulge a little.

senang hati makan Kayu, balik rumah, mata LAYU. hihihiih

Queensbay and Penang Bridge at night

us playing bedtime games
Took turns to bathe that night and played Pictionary and card games. We were laughing like some hyenas I think that we had to be shushed for fear that the neighbours feared their residence was being attacked by some crazy girls. Hehehe.
12.40 a.m. and Nnad looked at the watch. Suddenly, after knowing the time, everyone just started yawning. So, we went to our beds and snuggled under the soft comforter. Made a few jokes about each other. And then....
and more silence.


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oh god,muka i masa main game tu gile priceless! hahaha. hantu raya.good, i can curi the photos here coz i lupa my msn password! haha.