June 12, 2008

a Celebration of all sorts

I just got back from an outing with the girlies. In the end it wasn’t just us girls because Azmi, Luke and Aizam barged (wahaha, where got barged, you guys joined, saja je nak buat korang bunyi macam jahat :P) into our party of 6.

It was fun (!!!). Like crazy fun. It’s been such a long, long time since I last had good laughs. It’s been such a long time since all those gossips. And it’s been a long time since those teka tekis. Argh, I miss going to law school okay.

The food was scrumptious, though Batss and I ended up playing with our food in the end (big, big plateful of carbonara which I boasted of being able to finish at the beginning) and of course, the highlight of the day, chocolate brownies with ice cream... that’s where delicious, got the name delicious from, no doubt!

Crunchy on the outside, and soft and gooey on the inside, with ice cream melting all over it, around it, onto a pool of chocolate sauce which the brownies are put on.

Talking of names, why do they call it chocolate brownies (?!). Didn’t brownies get the name from the colour brown? Is there a strawberry or blueberry brownie do you think?

I’m crapping, as usual since the carbonara is stuck in my throat and the aftertaste of the brownies still so vivid.

And pictures! I’m warning you again that there are going to be loads and loads of pictures.

the other side of the gossip table. harubiru okay? note: azmi has rambut now :P l-r: batul belated bday girl, azmi and adlin

our side of the gossip table
l-r: aizamiya, H and jaja <3

aizamiya and H and brownies, of course

their side of the gossip table
l-r: mamita (saya sangat miss!), nnad si parisian wanabe, luke ressa balang

kaya tak jaja? ngee

kami posing ala-ala overseas pulak
note: mami pakai baju llb harini, :P

all the girls sahaja. guys no need la only 2 of you.

and the real reason for this special dinner!: batss, happy bday lovely girl! we hope you like the prezzie, we think it's really, really pretty for you and Skrine!

just for fun, a video of good times, i have crazy, BUT good friends. enjoy!


you probably don't understand half the things u hear here because we're all laughing and talking at the same time, but from all this, you know that we love each other tonnes! and we just miss going to law school together okay..

note: mami and nnad bergossip apakah itu? :P

there are more pictures, but i'll save it for another day. i'm kind of tired now.


-batz- said...

lovely pics!! the video is just hillarious... ;0)

good luck for the interview! all the best! see u sooooon...

freespirited12 said...

ahahah. will give them to you when we're online.and will update u on the
"plan" soon okay.

will be seeing u soon!!

Iezu said...

jaja looks beautiful...mcm katherine heigl in grey's anatomy!

then again, everyone looks gorgeous! ;-)

freespirited12 said...

ahaha. baru nak merajuk orang lain tak beautiful kah???

SeanAzmi said...

kau mmg tau saja buat ayat bunyi aku dgn luke jahat...hahaha...ohh mengata aku ada rambut juga ya..sila upload pic yang ada aku je lepas ni okay....hahaha...

freespirited12 said...

ahahha. korang mmg "jahat" pe? ahahhha...

aku tak mengata pon rambut kau *blinkblinkblink* dgn muka innocent. tapi i think we all like mr. spikey better lah, okeh.

gamba kau kat aku sangat tak byk ok. kata aku dengki :P

muahahahahahhahaha :))