June 29, 2008

thanks for the memories

In my mind, I was straining to remember when I changed my alarm tone. Only, it wasn’t my alarm blaring. Yet.

Only 1 number called that number. He couldn’t sleep; has been trying to since 3 in the morning.

Sometimes, we forget the things that define us. And today, I was reminded of how great things still are between us no matter how old we’ve grown together. Major parts of ourselves are still the childhood sweethearts that we are.

We talked for a good ½ hour or more; a privilege which is so obviously lacking because of our busy schedules. And momentarily, I was flown back to 3 years ago when I was taught how to say "yes" instead of “okay” to the question: “will you be my girlfriend?”

These moments don’t last all day. But you know what? I don’t mind that it’s that way.

In between sleepy “hmms” and chirpy “I cannot sleep” chatter coming from both ends of the line, I knew that it was for moments like these that we continue to love and have faith in a relationship many think is ridiculous for the ridiculous distance that separates us.

It’s not the 2nd of any month. It’s not 39 months. YET. But it’s 38 months + 28 days. It doesn’t matter. Not to me. Everyday is a reason to celebrate.

Thanks for the memories. Let’s keep making them, shall we?


abdul said...

it's 45 minutes dear. and it only cost rm2 ++. btw i look so kurus, ah sudah gemuk!!!

freespirited12 said...

it was 45 minutes? wow. what a gift i got this morning!

i love wake up calls :)

nvm u looked so kurus. now oso i love okay?