June 27, 2008

akibat menunggu (terlalu lama)

It has been too long a wait that we are starting to become sore about it. It’s no longer the talk of the town, it’s the sore point in everyone’s life.

My only therapies are washing and cooking though I’d really love to do some retail therapy.

I haven’t worn white shirts since forever so there’s no white shirt for me to scrub clean.

I desperately wanta shop but I’ve got to save some moolah for when I start work.

My room is a pigsty but I have 2 other rooms to mess up before I’ll start to care.

So, I cooked.

That’s the only way I can find sanity in anything.

Presenting to you the hideously shaped chocolate chip pancakes. Looks can be deceiving. Sedap OK!

And the boleh tahan model.

Ngee. Told you you shouldn’t stress me out.


SeanAzmi said...

aku jogging lagi di territory kau tanpa menghubungi kau...hahaha...kalau aku order pancake kau, kau amek tak order aku ni??? hahahaa

freespirited12 said...

ahahah. sedia berkhidmat untuk pancakes!
mari amik order.

bayarannya, kau belanja aku bubba gum.! ahahahahaha..

kau ni nak kurus sorang-sorang eh? aku je menternak lemak yang tak ada. cis.