June 24, 2008

mai pi Kelawai!

Date: 20th June 2008
Venue: Kelawai Seafood

Lunch, lunch, lunch! That was all that was playing in our heads. After going round Penang a bit more, we finally reached Kelawai Seafood, which is one of (if not the most) famous places well known for its delicious Fish Head Curry!
Nnad’s auntie ordered fried chicken, fish head curry, terubuk sambal, kerabu, and air asam... imagine the feast we had! We asked why air asam, to which Nnad's auntie said, "baru kawkaw curry dia!" And my, my, how right she was! It was just the perfect combination. Especially that this day was an especially scorching hot day.
Seriously, the terubuk sambal is something you must, must try. With the crunchy skin and tender flesh, your mouth would water just thinking about it if you’ve had it the first time round. And the kerabu was a mixture of leafy herbs with mint leaves. Absolutely scrumptious!
In the end, Jaja and I finished the plateful of terubuk because it was just too good to resist. And this coming from a non-terubuk fan (since it’s quite tricky, being laden with tiny and fine needle-like bones), so you've got to believe me. So the next time you go to Penang, order terubuk sambal at Kelawai, okay?

Venue: Feringghi
After the hearty and delicious lunch, we headed off to the beach. The beach-trips are always the best ones. Only this time, it was way too hot to do anything exciting. The white sandy beach was beautiful that day, but we couldn’t even open our eyes long enough to take good pictures.
So, I AM GOING BACK THERE, soon. To do some paragliding, and build sandcastles like I were 3, not 23.

Soon, we were heading back into town. It was too hot a day to be talking too much and we were too stuffed to be talking anyways. Soon, we were in front of Queensbay like excited teenagers. It’s huge (for Penang, at least) and this just proved that no matter how much you take a girl out of town, you can never take the shopping mall out of the girl. We went for a bit (read: quite alot) of shopping.
Abdul came! My heart smiled, smiled and smiled some more. :) He got me the cutest top after he told me to try it on. And some old habits are hard to break, so... I changed just before dinner came :) (read: cannot sabar oredi. the top is really cute!)
Venue: Teluk Kumbar
And later we all had dinner at Teluk Kumbar, which I think was quite a distance away from where we’ve been round the past 2 days. We had the infamous Ayu Mee Udang, which, by the way, is also a must, must try! It’s not so much like the mee udang we know of. It’s actually more like mee rebus or mee jawa, with lots and lots of udang in it!! No joke about that one, okay. Mine had 4 huge ones and Abdul got 4 big ones and one baby one.

he's happy, alright. coz i peeled the udang for him, that's why :P
After that, we were just too knackered to go anywhere. I thought of seeing Feringghi at night, but everyone was just too tired (actually I was too, but you know, hee, I was thinking I wanted to do whatever I could). So, we headed back home and played one game and then at 11.40 p.m...
Silence, silence, silence... not even a joke.
Today has been a supercalifragilisticaspialidocious day indeed!

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